About me....

I live and work in Williamsburg, Virginia, but I love to travel and explore as much as I love to stay home and nest. Traveling with a camera (or cameras, in my case) has prompted me to slow down rather than race through life.  I make time to be curious, learn something new, be awestruck or sad or charmed - to feel something about a place and its people. I wonder, how can I make an image that will be compelling to someone who is not right here, right now? What kind of interaction might I have with people when we don't speak one another's languages?  (Will we laugh at my gestures? Yes!)  Is it possible for a single image to tell a story? That's what I pursue.  Yet there are many times when I put aside the camera and invite the smells and the sounds and the pace of life to envelop me....and all's good.

I've been married for 33 years to musician Bruce Hornsby. I like his music and he likes my art.  We have two sons, both 24, who are off pursuing their own passions in Los Angeles and Dallas.  I'm fortunate to be surrounded by family, friends and mentors who share their talents and are a constant source of inspiration. 


Kathy Hornsby


PO Box 3545  Williamsburg, VA  23187-3545